Sometimes I can’t sleep, 

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It has been a lot more frequent lately;

I get scared so I don’t sleep, 

sometimes my nightmares are too strong to handle.

Sometimes I feel like my body weighs 10 times more,

and I just want to close my eyes and dream of whatever I dreamed of as a kid;

almost everyday I wish that my nightmares were of a dragon and a witch;

now the dragon has become something else and the witch as well.

3:00 am I can’t sleep, my eyes hurt, my head feels heavy,

I just want to fall asleep, but I know that I can’t go to sleep, not until I stop seeing her.

I’m just melting in the back of my brain waiting to be rescued, 

waiting to be saved.


almost every day, 

I wake up sweating like I just ran a marathon, breathless, scared, numb;

the worst is that I don’t know what it is or why it happens,

and every night I get even more scared it will happen again.

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