Faith, I don’t believe faith has anything to do with religion I don’t even know why it is considered as something religious. Maybe it’s because the believers have taken power over the word, who knows. But what J do know is that everyone, even the broken ones, have faith,  Maybe it is in something or […]


December ended, January started,My legs shivered; it wasn’t cold outside.The white walls made it feel like I was walking on snow,Taking my time with each step; the snow felt real, heavy, my feet wanted to let go,My head was empty, I had no thoughts, only her. She looked so empty, tired,She looked wasted, and just […]


Sometimes I can’t sleep,  It has been a lot more frequent lately; I get scared so I don’t sleep,  sometimes my nightmares are too strong to handle. Sometimes I feel like my body weighs 10 times more, and I just want to close my eyes and dream of whatever I dreamed of as a kid; […]