Mother Gaea

Oh, Mother Gaea, we plead for your forgiveness; 

for filling up your surroundings with such harmful pollutants.

We fill the air we breathe with smog,

and deep down we all know that it is wrong;

wrong that we ask for help we do not need

as apathetic people continue to feed.

We feed on your resources as if we do not care,

and as I see the gray dullness that is now in your hair, 

we can all clearly state that it is not fair.

It’s not fair we’ve done this to ourselves and we are leaving the work to be done by innocent people who played no part

In destroying and darkening your blessed heart.

Poor mother Gaea, we beg for condolences;

To shield us, 

to guide us, 

away from these consequences.

May it not be vague

When we are all plagued 

by the effects of all our causes,

With our laziness and sluggishness covered up under layers and layers of applauses.

And applauses we gain

For inventing things that bring such pain

To poor mother Gaea.

Sweet mother Gaea, we would like to let you know

That beneath our snow angels

lie many deadly dangers, 

for there are chemicals in your snow.

The smoke and gasses that factories are making

Will take away your contentedness and leave your heart aching.

And as we waited

It became outdated

To help fix the ruckus we have all created.

And still we wait

For when it is far too late

To get rid of the plague set upon us all.

Oh mother Gaea, our thoughts to put up a fight,

To make things right,

Has faded just as our hope and might.

Our selfish ways

and greediness outweighs 

Our good manners and motives.

And those who still care, 

those who still cry,

Those who don’t lie

and can’t help the urge to put up a fight.

To contrast those who simply ignore 

and always want more

Of your passion and power and wisdom.

And we all wonder who

We will all soon say to:

Oh please, we beg you

What do we do?

And maybe, with our last string of hope, that person may be you.

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