ANS Girls’ Soccer Team’s Journey to AASCA 2024

The girls’ soccer team at ANS recently returned with a third-place trophy from AASCA 2024. Led by captain Luciana Gonzalez and co-captain Luciana Arguello, the group of girls participated in three days of intense soccer matches. The team dedicated months of preparation, training diligently Monday through Saturday under the guidance of their coaches, Ms. Fernandez, Mr. Gallego, Mr. Brenes, and Mr. Garcia. With confidence in securing the first-place victory once again, they arrived in San Pedro Sulas, Honduras on February 13th, and returned on February 18th.

Upon their return, there was a mix of emotions regarding the outcome of the matches. ANS secured third place, with PAS Costa Rica in second and Lincoln International Academy emerging as the champions. While many acknowledged the significance of achieving third place in an international tournament like AASCA, some couldn’t help but feel disappointed at not bringing back the first-place title for another consecutive year. 

Sofia Coe, a veteran member of the varsity team, expressed her pride in her team and coaches but couldn’t shake the feeling of having “fallen short” in attaining the prize she believed her team had the “potential” to achieve. Nonetheless, sportsmanship, perseverance, and teamwork are integral values that the ANS girls’ team cultivated over the years.

In conclusion, the journey of the ANS girls’ soccer team at AASCA 2024 showcased the highs and lows inherent in competitive sports. While the outcome may not have met all expectations, the experience served as a testament to the team’s resilience and commitment to embodying the core values of athletics.

List of AASCA Girls’ Soccer Team:
Lucianna Gonzalez, Luciana Arguello, Dayoung Oh, Jaqueline Zamora, Sofia Coe, Sofia Cerna, Andrea Vargas, Daniela Alvarez, Eugenia Ayala, Camilla Rodriguez, Anasofia Vargas, Rebecca Traversari, Adriana Wheelock, Mariana Bartlett, Alexia Palazio, Alexa Castillo, Lucia Castillo, Mariana Perner, Chiara Bertoni, Helena Lau, Ariana Ochoa

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