Late Morning Musings


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Another lonely evening

At the dining room table

My cat’s sprawled on the table

I can’t touch her though—she bites

My coffee’s holding me in place

A sip, a gulp, if I am able

Bitter as bile down my throat

That’s the first thing I’ve felt today


Again I wake up

And find it isn’t over

Did I go to sleep thinking

It would be some other way?

The sky’s turning pink

Not the blue from yesterday

My eyes don’t quite work yet

I squint; the room is gray


I groggily stand

Oh, this is far from over

The weight doesn’t leave my limbs

Until I’m back in bed

When I went to sleep last night,

Did I stop to think

Or just sink away?


I drain another coffee,

Stare into the mug,

And find it sitting there

Regarding my stare—

A gentle reminder

In the drops that cling to the cylindrical walls

That yet another hour 

Has passed


Yet another hour

Yet another mug

Yet another onslaught of stares 

From those who shouldn’t care

Whether I need to be reminded by a drink’s cooling remainder 

That time does 

(and always does) 

actually pass

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