What’s Up 4th Grade?

For the past few months, ANS fourth graders are abuzz about their weekly newspaper: What’s Up 4th Grade? Maria Pia Tercero and Luciana Castro, fourth graders, have been producing and printing a popular weekly newspaper every Tuesday.

Maria Pia Tercero and Luciana Castro

Maria Pia and Luciana were inspired after their teacher, Ms. Jenny Harding, shared examples of essays featured in newspapers. Maria Pia and Luciana shared that they thought it was “an amazing idea! Let’s do it!”

Now, fourth graders “are asking me like crazy about the newspaper,” shares Luciana.

These journalists have visited the high school Journalism class and routinely seek feedback. Maria Pia noted that after asking freshman journalism student Arian Crawford what to write about, they used his advice and asked their readers what they want to read. This has helped increase readership.

Maria Pia and Luciana believe that offering a printed newspaper is better for their classmates: they have something physical to read, can share in groups, and get to disconnect from being online.

They work collaboratively. Luciana provides ideas, Maria Pia provides writing and design, and both of them conduct interviews.

Both journalists enjoy writing and art. Maria Pia has been “writing my whole life. It is a way to express how I feel.” She also enjoys skateboarding which helps inspire her to write. Luciana enjoys painting as a way to express herself and running which relieves stress and helps her get new ideas.

In the future, they hope to grow the newspaper to a wider community and inspire kids. They plan on continuing next year with a new version: Good News 5th Grade. Maria Pia wants others to know that “If you can dream it, you can make it happen.”

Their inspiration was apparent when they discussed how sometimes girls are afraid to do what boys are doing, such as playing soccer. “The boys don’t want the girls to play, but girls should not listen to the boys because we can do it,” shares Maria Pia. She wants others to know that it’s okay to try new things. Her advice is: “Why stand in when you were born to stand out?”

Look for their weekly newspaper to be featured on Tuesdays here in Eye of the Tiger.

March 8th edition

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