Influence, a word, when given little thought, isn’t spared a single notion of its meaning. But, at a second glance, its deep, authentic definition is transpired.  Our lives have become so global, so fluxed together, that anyone, anything, anywhere, can touch us. Can touch our bodies. Can touch our minds. Can touch our souls.  When […]

Mask Mandates – US Schools vs Nicaraguan Private Schools

Mia Gutierrez and Sofia Cerna  Masks have taken over children’s, parent’s, teacher’s, and everybody else’s lives, as we have to wear them everywhere we go. Whether it’s in school, going shopping, or traveling, wearing masks has become a part of our daily lives. Governments worldwide have approached Covid-19 differently with mask mandates, some are requiring […]

The Slap Heard Around the World

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars because of a Joke The Oscars used to be an event that brought the attention of millions of people across the U.S. and the rest of the globe; famous actors would be nominated for producing or being a part of hit movies and shows, and […]

The Commercialization and Aestheticization of the “Sad Girl”

She lives alone. Her torso dangles out of her window over her fire escape, taking long drawls of her cigarette. Her apartment is small, but the minimalism is encompassed with dying flowers and classic novels. Lana del Rey spins on vinyl as she runs her hands over the neatly spaced lines of poetry inked on […]

Andrew López, Tenor Saxophonist

Among the musicians leaving the ANS Concert Band this year is Andrew López, a Senior who’s been playing tenor saxophone for nearly five years. Being asked about his experiences, he looks back on his years of performing alongside his bandmates, and shares how his passion for music has developed. How did you start playing music […]

Valeria Alfaro, Clarinetist and Drummer

Over the past years, ANS’ music department has seen several changes. One ever-changing aspect is that every year, the make-up of the ANS Concert Band changes, with veteran students graduating and new ones taking their seats—but each musician leaves a permanent mark, and leaves with something permanently marked within them. One of the current musicians […]

Advice from a Senior

Graduating high school seemed like a million years away when I sat next to my friends in front of the HS office on my first day of freshman year. I genuinely believed that the next four years were going to pass slowly and that I had all the time on the world before I had […]

Going Underwater 

Ever since I was little, the ocean has been my favorite place. It soothes me; it calms me; it loves me, and I love it back.  So, through diving, I was able to become one with the ocean. The endless encounters I’ve had with the ocean thanks to diving, warm my heart because they end […]

What is Love?

What is love? That, ladies, and gentlemen, is the most romantic and universal question out there, well, in my opinion.  That’s because it means something different for every single person who has ever encountered this world.  And this means that I, Mia, am entitled to my own opinion of what love signifies. Now, it’s important […]

Why We Need to Forget to Remember

For more than a century, scientists have been studying the art of memory, trying to findthe science behind the way we recall and store memories. However, this is only half of thetapestry of memory; while our brain is working to retain, it is also working to forget. Until approximately ten years ago, the act of […]