What is Love?

What is love? That, ladies, and gentlemen, is the most romantic and universal question out there, well, in my opinion.  That’s because it means something different for every single person who has ever encountered this world.  And this means that I, Mia, am entitled to my own opinion of what love signifies. Now, it’s important to know that I am a hopeless romantic, always have been, and probably always will be. For me, there is no stronger force in this universe than love. So, this will be a very detailed and romantic, and long definition, of what love is.  

Love is an unstoppable force that holds people together, because of the undeniable attraction and surge of emotions it brings out. Love, for that matter, will make it feel like you need that other person to live because of how much your heart beats for them. In order to breathe, you’ll need the confirmation that they are yours, just as you are undeniably theirs. 

This is worth living for. I’m waiting for the chance to fall so madly in love with someone, that all of my thoughts are consumed by them. Every time I see them I’ll get butterflies, even years after we’ve confessed our love to each other. Loving someone is wanting to look at their eyes for hours because you can’t get enough of those beautiful irises. 

Love is an addiction, a drug, an addictive drug. It’s supposed to consume you whole and make your world go crazy on its axis. Love has to make you feel things you’ve never felt before because that’s what love is, unimaginable. Those strong, powerful, feelings are foreign and beautiful and special because they won’t happen with every person. They’ll happen with that one special person, who makes you go crazy. That one person who’ll bring heaven to you and go to the moon and back just for your love. That is what I want.

I want to be cherished and appreciated by someone. I want them to make me feel complete by their love, like it’s the one part of my life that I’ve been looking for my entire existence. Love will make it so that conversation never ends, that the person knows everything about you, and still chooses to love you every single day. 

Loving someone is supposed to make you feel invincible, like you can do anything in this world just because they are with you. They are supposed to motivate and inspire you to be better, and do better.  

Love is taking a flight for hours just to be in the same time zone as them, no matter how many thousand miles away they are. It’s not wanting to fall asleep until you know they are safe. It’s them becoming home for you, and no matter where they are, you’ll follow them, even to hell, because you rather live in a haunting place than live in a beautiful place without them. Love is not wanting to live in this world if they aren’t here with you. 

And sometimes, that gorgeous flame in your heart will end, and sometimes it won’t. And other times it’ll be tough, and other times it’ll be easy. But, the point is, every love story is worth fighting for, because everyone deserves the chance of being in love, and being loved. 

Love is worth it. Fight for it. 

For your love story, 

And your soulmate, 

And ultimately, Love. 

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