Going Underwater 

Ever since I was little, the ocean has been my favorite place. It soothes me; it calms me; it loves me, and I love it back.  So, through diving, I was able to become one with the ocean. The endless encounters I’ve had with the ocean thanks to diving, warm my heart because they end up being my favorite memories.

The moment I go underwater, all my worries and problems are washed away. Even in its so dangerous form, it feels like the ocean is protecting me from the outside world, people, and most importantly, me. Even underwater, the sea animals make my face retain the biggest grin of my life. My body is overtaken by such sensations of bliss just because I’m underwater; it’s incomprehensible. God, the moment I drop into the ocean from the boat is my favorite because it’s as if my body has finally understood what’s about to happen. It’s like a tingling at the bottom of my spine starts to course through my body. 

Now, it’s so comical that every single time before I dive, I always tell my dad that I don’t want to and try to come up with an excuse. But in reality, this only happens because I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in the ocean, to sense it, feel it, see it for what it actually is: magnificently splendid. So, gracias papi, for always taking me on diving adventures. Without them, I wouldn’t be me.

Every time I dive, I take something from that part of the ocean. Every single day, I carry that memory with me, but I also give back to the ocean. I leave behind a small part of me, a part of me that I no longer want, that it no longer serves me. After I come out of the water, it feels like I’ve been refreshed, not just literally, but also symbolically. 

The ocean is such a gorgeous thing. It surrounds us all, each place, each culture, and most of all, its people. It brings people together, while it also separates, people. It’s raw divine feminine energy entrances me. It draws me to it. 

It sometimes even feels like I belong in the ocean, rather than on land. 

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