Influence, a word, when given little thought, isn’t spared a single notion of its meaning. But, at a second glance, its deep, authentic definition is transpired. 

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Our lives have become so global, so fluxed together, that anyone, anything, anywhere, can touch us. Can touch our bodies. Can touch our minds. Can touch our souls. 

When actually analyzing it, it is astounding how intricately connected our lives are to each other, to our memories, to the places we visit.  Media, whether that be written, or composed, or painted, or heard, or talked, influences all of our lives. But when looking at it with a magnifying glass, everything can have an impact on us.

My music taste, for one, is influenced by my mom who loves music, my best friend Vero who is constantly playing me new songs, my favorite influencers that add songs to their Instagram stories, and even by my TikTok feed. I will be eternally thankful to Steph Bohrer for helping me find my home in Taylor Swift’s voice. 

My favorite movies have all become my favorite movies because they touched a part of me, and have now changed my life. There is always that one little thing, that one minuscule detail in movies that always sticks to me, so I add it to my life. Or, there is always one thing that I like, that changes my taste, or wishes, or desires. Such as with Cruel Intentions, which made me fall in love with the 1956 Jaguar XK 140, and gave me my dream of living in New York.

And, of course, my favorite thing in the world, books. My book taste is so wildly influenced by recommendations, but not by anyone. I am so incredibly picky about whom I take book recommendations from because reading is my whole world, and I would die before I let anyone ravage it. 

Sophia Judice and Steph Bohrer, are my muses all-around. Mixed together, they have influenced my dream life, my future life. These two women have outwardly impacted my way of thought, the way I talk, what I’m interested in. They have taught me what good music is, what books deserve 5-stars and which do not, how to dress beautifully, how to put myself first. Sophia and Steph are the big sisters that I never had. They have given me my aesthetic, and inspired me to think that even all of my wildest dreams are possible. 

It’s so flabbergasting to think of how much I’ve changed this past year due to the surrounding influences. Some were good, and some were bad, but I learned and grew. Without those memories and situations, I wouldn’t have become the lass that I am today. Wherefore, influence is something that we as humans need, even when we don’t think we do because we haven’t realized how momentous it is to us becoming our true selves. 

Influence people, influence the world, influence society, but also let yourself be influenced. 

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