Eccentric Entrepreneur Bryan Johnson’s Quest: Defying Death and Aging

Bryan Johnson’s son and his teenage son (left) both hold samples of their blood to compare

Only one thing is certain in life: death. Death’s solution? None whatsoever. It’s the harsh rule of life that everything comes to an end. Enter Bryan Johnson, an American Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, writer and author. With the average lifespan in 2023 being eighty years, which some find more than enough, Johnson yearned for more. In 2021 Johnson decided that he didn’t want to die and delved into the realm of reducing the aging process. In 2022 he broke the world record in age reversal, with his results indicating he reversed his epigenetic age by 5.1 years in seven months. In 2023 the multi millionaire launched the “Blueprint project” where he documents his progress on his YouTube channel. 

In his launch YouTube video Johnson stated, “No matter how eccentric, and extreme people perceive me. If I were to prove that aging can be arrested, it would change everything.” 

It all started while Johnson was working as a door-to-door credit card processing salesperson, where he got the idea to found Braintree, an online payment processor that allows online businesses to accept payments via app or website. Braintree was founded in 2007, and grew alongside its founder in ambition. In 2012 Braintree acquired Venmo for 26.2 million dollars, which slowly fed into Bryan Johnson’s net worth. And yet, Johnson and Braintree parted ways a year later, as  PayPal acquired Braintree for $800 million. 

Fast forward four years later in 2020, and Johnson founded Kernel, a company which he still runs to this day. Kernel’s main objective is to enhance the ways the human brain can be measured. The focus is on studying the brain, and making hardware products that can evaluate the human mind to a superb extent. It was only a year later that Bryan Johnson decided to collaborate with Kernel’s brain data, to try and live past what humans believed possible. 

The ongoing endeavor aims to measure all of Johnson’s organs, and reduce their age. With the help of his own company Kernel, he is shattering organ health records, as he claims though he is in his 40`s, he has the body of a 25 year old, according to his data. He even likes joking about how he likes to compete with his nineteen-year-old son.  

Bryan Johnson has documented his progress on his YouTube channel, his website, and uses as a diary, sharing with the public some of his insights and personal struggles.

For example in 2020, Johnson wrote about his motive to launch the project Blueprint where he explained that he hated evening Bryan. “Evening Bryan” was the version of himself who was thirty for all the comfort. He watched TV, ate candy, and simply fell into all temptations that kept him unhealthy. “For ten years, Evening Bryan overate and gained more than fifty pounds, fueling relentless shame, guilt and malaise.” So he had to make a decision, “I fired Evening Bryan from his shift, revoking his authority to make food consumption decisions. Now, no matter the circumstance, only Morning Bryan can decide when, what and how much to eat.”

He began to fall in love with self-help and he wanted to go above and beyond on making all the Bryan`s feel their very best, and the youngest.  Slowly but surely he built project Blueprint: his very own lifestyle, meant to keep him alive past 120 years of age.

Johnson has no doubt his way of living could change humanity for the better, and his extreme measures have proven successful. It’s all there for the public eye on his project Blueprint website. What Bryan Johnson does is follow the strictest of diets that allow him to consume every single nutrient his body could possibly require.

As part of his day, he takes more than 100 pills, to make sure he meets his body’s needs and excels in every health statistic. He runs his followers through his morning routine on his YouTube video titled just that. He shows how he measures his body everyday to track progress, and his activities throughout the day.

One of the most important things he mentions is meditation. He meditates various times throughout the day, as he goes through his activities like that of light therapy.

He not only keeps his internal body young, but he also attempts to make his looks seem younger, so as part of his team, he has doctors, experts and nutritionists that keep him and his body updated. He works out, does eye care, and avoids all temptations, no sugary snacks, no “chilling” and watching TikTok. He has very specific workout routines that he says “keep your heart rate going and keep your mind and body in the right place.” As part of his daily schedule he takes part in “fancy” unnecessary activities that are keeping him young, as his data proves. 

Johnson reports the utmost excitement for this project, with him investing a little under 10 million dollars into his body and rejuvenation. Johnson mentions, “nobody has done what my team and I have been doing. Everyday we meet up and we talk about either the heart, or the lungs, or anything related to health and a young active mind and body.”

The project Blueprint is now more than a fantasy for the multimillionaire, and could change the path human lifestyle is on today. Could you picture yourself living past 120 years of age? This is the question Bryan Johnson hopes to answer. 

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