The Rematch

Who would’ve guessed it. Yet at the same time, why didn’t we guess it? We’re about three months into 2024, and about four years have already passed since the infamous 2020 US election. That one-on-one battle between former US President Donald J. Trump and current US president Joe Biden was without doubt one of the most influential elections in our generation. Generating division across the American continent and even leading to trials in the Supreme Court, the 2020 election was a key moment in modern society, and everything points to a plausible round two. 

Election season has officially started, and tensions have already been brewing. It is no secret that former President Donald Trump was indicted last year, along with being faced with criminal charges and being raided by the FBI at his Mar-a-Lago home. All of this seemed sufficient enough to fool the general public into thinking it would stop him from running for office; they were colossally wrong. For Donald Trump, being criminally tried has earned him nothing more than new followers and support. And last week’s attempt to ban him from running in Colorado just proves that once more. I have to break it to you: Reality is that while we all sat back and enjoyed the GOP primary debates, it culminated in nothing, as Trump yet again beat every Republican candidate by a landslide. Which just goes to show how determined the American people are to get him back into the oval office. 

Hence, I think that we can all agree that Trump is going to be the Republican candidate for the upcoming election. The astonishing thing is that it all points to Biden being the chosen candidate for his party as well. What a shocker. In fact, just last week both Trump and Biden collected countless victories across nearly all 50 US states in the primaries, according to CBS News. Analysts, news channels, commentators and many more have already taken to social media, reaching one sole verdict: Trump and Biden will be the next presidential candidates for our 2024 election. 

Trump vs Biden II is coming. You can’t deny it, and you can’t hide from it either. Only one question remains: what can we expect? 

Over the recent months, and honestly years, the world has been a spectator to America’s decline. With a growing inflation, sky-high taxes, crime rates, thousands of fentanyl victims and a growing immigration crisis, the United States is a nation in rapid decline. Be in denial if you desire. The truth is the truth, and there are facts to show it. Google it, and you’ll see I’m right. The American dream is in danger of extinction. It could be gone already.

A very important election is coming. One that will decide the fate of the country.  And the stakes are severely high. Both Trump and Biden have faced off before, and we’ve already seen how that turned out. Who will win now? I say it’s 50/50. November holds the answer. These upcoming months bear a fight, one like you’ve never seen before.

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