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I don’t believe faith has anything to do with religion

I don’t even know why it is considered as something religious.

Maybe it’s because the believers have taken power over the word, who knows.

But what J do know is that everyone, even the broken ones, have faith, 

Maybe it is in something or someone, or even in themselves, but they have that faith deep inside.

I believe that faith is important,

I have faith in a lot of people, but only a few have shown me results from my faith.

Only few have noticed my faith, and fewer have thanked my faith

I ask myself, does my faith and gratefulness ever do anything, or mean anything to anyone?

Most of the time the answer is no, 

but that doesn’t matter because I notice.

I notice my effort,

I notice it, 

and it makes me happy.

So why can’t we have faith in ourselves? 

Just once.

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