Blowing Out Birthday Candles

According to “Urban Dictionary”, a Birthday is the “the day and month that you entered this world, by exiting your mothers womb”. But, I don’t think that describes half of what a birthday is.

Birthdays are the one day in the entire year when your friends and families can unabashedly celebrate and spoil you. You eat cake, and laugh, and receive dozens of presents, and hear embarrassing stories about yourself from other people, party all night long, dance till your feet hurt, and scream until you can no longer talk. And the best part about it all is that no one can shame you about it because it’s your birthday!

At the end of the night, when they bring out your flavorful cake, the most wonderful part about a birthday comes: blowing out the candles. See, blowing out the candles isn’t just about stopping the divine flame, but rather about making your wish, and manifesting that it will come true. It’s when you ask for the one thing that you most desperately want to happen, and leave all of your wishing thoughts on your cake. 

The idea of birthdays as a whole are misunderstood by some people, because a lot of the time, people see it as a reminder that they’re getting older. But in actuality, it’s a celebration of you surviving another year, and of everything that happened to you, whether good or bad. It’s a day when people come together to celebrate all the hardships, and problems, that you went through, but also to celebrate all the happy memories made, new people met, and accomplishments that were reached 

Your birthday is a commemoration of all the years you have lived, and all the years you will live. So, from now on, think of your birthday as a toast to your life, and your promising future. 

And yes, while Covid is a huge thing in the world, and blowing out your candles could be a safety hazard, you only get one birthday a year. So hey, blow out your candles.

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