Spirit Week

Spirit week is celebrated worldwide by thousands of schools. It is a week designed for students and faculty to dress up according to a themes which are fun and raise school spirit. The American Nicaraguan School (ANS) celebrated their spirit week from December 13-17. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was fashion disaster, Wednesday was sports jersey day, Thursday was safari and Friday was character day.

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Dressing up for spirit week encourages school spirit and connects the community with one another. ANS has more than 700 students and 100+ staff members from different cultural backgrounds. Participating in spirit week gives students opportunities to express their passions. For example, Vanessa Artiles, a 9th grader, wore a Dodgers baseball jersey because this is her favorite team. Isabella Quintero, a 9th grader, wore one of her dad’s Nicaraguan baseball jerseys. Norma Morales dressed up as Eleven from “Stranger Things” and Mia Guttierez dressed up as Rory Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls” because those are their favorite shows. Everyone expressed how they had fun being able to break out of uniforms and show their spirit in a unique way.

Spirit week was a success and showcased some of the diversity in our school and allowed everyone to have fun connecting.

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