Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots are the most dominant teams in the AFC championship, but who will make it to the Super Bowl?

Bill Belichick and the Patriots once again look like formidable contenders. In the two decades of winning the Super Bowl, they have won six Super Bowls and are looking to the seven title and become one of the greatest franchises in the NFL history.

On the other side, the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to become a dynasty with Patrick Mahomes as their quarterback. they have been in the Super Bowl for the last 2 years, winning one, and with three AFC championship appearances and wing it twice The Chiefs have the best quarterback, the best tight end in the league, the fastest man in the league, and a formidable defense growing and become better each game. Will the Chiefs beat the Patriots this time, unlike 2018 final, which they lost to Tom Brady’s Patriots?

Both teams have different playstyles For example, the Pats run the ball a lot with their incredible lineman and running backs and their formidable defense. On the other hand, the Chiefs have an explosive offense who outscored their enemies. An example of this is in 2018, when Patrick Mahomes, a rookie, threw more  than50 touchdowns and more than 5000 yards becoming one of the greatest starts in NFL history. Only one player has done that and it is Dan Marino in his first year. But recently the chiefs  play more patiently lately and let the runningbacks make plays.

There are more teams in the AFC that look strong but throwout  the season they were getting bad each week for example the Ravens, Titans, Bills, or Chargers, wich all these were unstoppable in the beginning but they are just no good enough.  What team would go to the Super Bowl? We still don’t know but it is clear what teams are looking good.

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