Gabby Petito Tragedy

The Gabby Petito case that had an entire nation praying for the best has come to a tragic end, with the bodies of Gabby and Brian being found.

  In July, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were traveling across the country; everything was supposed to be an enjoyable trip that would create pleasant memories for the future for the couple. Notably, there were some bumps in the road when police in Utah pulled over the infamous white van that they were traveling in. Police noticed that there had been some sort of altercation between the two, even though both reported that they were in love and engaged to be married. Both of them were interrogated separately but no one was arrested, since, with what Gabby had stated, they concluded that it was all about a mental health crisis and decided to let them both continue their trip. The couple had a YouTube channel where they would upload their trips and give updates on their new lifestyle. Just a week after the incident with Utah police, a video was published to Nomadic Statik (The Couple’s YouTube Channel) where they could both be seen enjoying everything and being happy together. At least, that was what everything was looking like so far. 

Things took a turn when Gabby, who was always active on social media, suddenly stopped uploading things and started to be silent. Around that same time it is reported that Gabby had stopped communicating with her family—things that brought multiple concerns for the family of Gabby. This started to get extremely worrying when Bryan returned to his home in Florida alone without Gabby, with her family still not knowing anything about her whereabouts. The Petito family were urging Bryan to tell them any information about their missing daughter. 

On September 26th the Laundries told police they hadn’t seen their son for three days. At this point, the FBI and the police started looking for him all over the place, since it seemed strange that the only person of interest that could know what happened to Gabby had suddenly gone missing and had chosen to go silent. Finally, on September 19th, the Petito family had received horrible news: human remains that matched Gabby’s description had been found in Grand Teton National Park where Gabby and Laundrie were at the time of her disappearance. When this news got out to the public, many speculated that this was a murder case and the person who had done all of this was most definitely Brian Laundrie. 

On October 22nd, the FBI confirmed that Brian Laundrie’s human remains were found, thus marking the end of the search for the most wanted man in the nation. Although there are still many questions to be answered in this case, one thing is for sure: what happened to Gabby was a tragedy that could’ve been avoided, in many ways and on different occasions, but what is done cannot be undone, but people can learn from this. 

Domestic abuse is a problem affecting men and women and is a problem that shouldn’t be happening. If people feel they are in a toxic or abusive relationship, they really should start to set some boundaries and search for help.

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