Racism in the NFL

In June, 2020 with the killing of George Floyd, a series of civil rights, police reform, and racial awareness caused many organizations in the area of sports to support the movements. Leagues such as the NFL did a -end racism campaign that is still going on today. They allowed players to choose to add on the back of their helmets a message to end racism or a Black Lives Matter slogan. As this happened many sponsors of teams who had relations with racist names or chants urged the teams to change themt or to lose their sponsor.

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 One team in the NFL which faced heavy attacks on the matter of racism was the Washington Redskins in which sponsors such as FedEx, Budlight, Bank of America, Pepsi all gave an ultimatum “change the name or lose the sponsorship”.he owner, Dan Snyder, immediately chose to review the name and within a week the name relinquished and the team was renamed the Washington Football Team officially.

After the change, the management side of the organization fired most personal due to a new report of management personnel committing sexual harassment for more than 10 years as to one point in which then GM Bruce Allen said “the Culture is damn good”. As the new regime came in, the first season of head coach Ron Rivera, the Washington football team went on a record of  7-9 win in the NFC East in a weakened division but had the number two defense in the NFL. They also became the closest team to beating the future super bowl champs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the wildcard. By season’s end they improved their previous record of 3-13 to 7-9. As next season came the team is currently 2-6 the team again fell to controversy when emails of former GM Bruce Allen linked to former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden in which he used homophobic, misogynistic, racial slurs in emails dating from 2012 to 2018 when he got the job with the Raiders. As this happened more people are getting involved to uncover the cesspool that was the management side of the organization.

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