Tigers Set Records – AASCA Track & Field

By: Thelma Lanuza Sanint  On November 15th, ANS hosted its first pep rally since COVID began. This event commemorated the AASCA Track & Field team for competition on November 18th and 19th in El Salvador at the host school “Escuela Americana El Salvador.” The event showcased the great abilities of the team with 5 AASCA […]

The Creation of “Paint”

Written by: Monica Molina & Marcela Colonel Mr. Miguel Aragón, ANS’ Algebra teacher, released his latest song “Paint” on August 26th. This is an incredible accomplishment that the ANS community is very proud of and everyone is listening to his song. Mr. Aragón became interested in music when he was just eighteen years old. Melodies […]

Rescatando Huellas Field Trip

The American Nicaraguan School has several clubs including Pink Club, She’s The First, and Rescatando Huellas. These are clubs that help support a certain cause or educate others on their work, in order to promote helping others. Rescatando Huellas, for example, is a club at ANS that helps and supports an animal rescue shelter in […]