Tigers Set Records – AASCA Track & Field

By: Thelma Lanuza Sanint 

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On November 15th, ANS hosted its first pep rally since COVID began. This event commemorated the AASCA Track & Field team for competition on November 18th and 19th in El Salvador at the host school “Escuela Americana El Salvador.” The event showcased the great abilities of the team with 5 AASCA Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medals, and 2 AASCA records set.

Led by captain Valeska Navarrete and co-captain Andrea Soza, teammates include: Ariana, Michaela, Maya, Sophie, Yoon, Rodrigo Coronel, Alfonso, and Greg. With the help of coaches Mr. Brain, Mr. Claro and chaperone Mr. Kulyk,  this team prepared five days a week, during athletic period and after school, persevering to give their best.


Valeska Navarrete and Andrea Soza stated in their speeches during the pep rally that we should all have a passion that allows us to strive, persevere and overcome obstacles to achieve a greater goal.

Among the most featured achievements, Valeska Navarrete won a gold medal in shot put, Andrea Sosa won a gold medal in the 100 meters with the best time thus far, setting a record. Sophie Reid won a bronze medal on her 600 meters run. 

On the second day, Valeska Navarrete won gold in discus and achieved a new AASCA record. Andrea Sosa won gold in her 200m run and Sophie Reid won bronze in the 1200m run.

Valeska Navarrete states that at first AASCA was “uncertain and unexpected”, this is after “two years of cancellations due to COVID.” She shares that even though being a small delegation, they were able to work together, and united they had losses and victories. Their sense of unity allowed them to let AASCA be more about the team than how many medals they won.  

In conclusion, this event was about teamwork, hard work and perseverance. They are a great example of what ANS is capable of. 

(Images from ANS instagram showcasing AASCA Track results and event).

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