The Creation of “Paint”

Written by: Monica Molina & Marcela Colonel

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Mr. Miguel Aragón, ANS’ Algebra teacher, released his latest song “Paint” on August 26th. This is an incredible accomplishment that the ANS community is very proud of and everyone is listening to his song.

Mr. Aragón became interested in music when he was just eighteen years old. Melodies would play in his head, so he would create lyrics that flowed with those melodies, in order to start joining the tunes together.  He tried so many ideas in order to see what would fit best, but at the end of the day, “it was (a) very organic” process.

Of course, writing and producing his current song wasn’t easy. Mr. Aragón faced many challenges along the way. For more than eight years, he had been wanting to record the song, but the stars just wouldn’t align for him.  It was either too expensive or too difficult to get someone to mix and master the tracks. Finally, the stars aligned for Mr. Aragon, and he was able to produce his song with the help of his friend Yoshua, who does audio engineering as a hobby. “He has now become my number one collaborator”, said Mr. Aragon. It was an educating experience for both of them; it was the first song Mr. Aragón had ever recorded, and Yoshua had never worked with pianos before. “It was a big learning curve”. 

There were a lot of little things they had to figure out, and there was a lot of trial and error. It wasn’t until the summer of 2021, when the tedious but fulfilling process of recording took place. It was a long process, given that it took many months to get the track right. Along the way, Yoshua and Mr. Aragón would get into little fights whenever they didn’t agree on something, like partners usually do. But in the end it all worked out, and they were able to produce a sentimental song with a deep significance. 

“Paint” has a very special meaning for Mr. Aragón, since he based it on several relationships in his life in which only one person was putting in the work in the relationship. Hence, the title “Paint” serves as a metaphor that symbolizes a relationship where a lot of damage is being done, but only one person is deliberately putting in the w​ork.  He expressed that, “you’re covering the cracks with paint, not actually fixing the problem, just covering it”. But there is only so much you can hide and cover up, before the damage is too great, and the cracks become too big​​. And at that point, nothing will keep you together, not even paint.

This is not the end of his music career, but rather the start. When asked about his future, Mr. Aragon delightedly shared that he hopes “to have completed 6 songs small album.” In other words, keep your eye out for Mr. Miguel Aragon, the algebraically inclined, musical star on the rise.   

You can stream “Paint” on all music platforms.


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