ChatGPT Tool or Crutch?

Article by Jerry Pan & Rodrigo Lopez

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You’ve surely heard of ChatGPT. It’s a powerful deep-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) made by OpenAI, and it’s the next big step in developing advanced AI technology. It’s being used all around the world for many different purposes. Some might say that’s a good thing, but is it? 

Well, in my opinion, yes and no. It is indeed a very powerful and useful tool in many areas and can provide critical help, information, and advice, but it is at risk of misuse. Such a powerful tool could be used for bad intentions, and the developers are aware of this. They placed several restrictions about what the AI can and cannot respond to. Nevertheless, said restrictions aren’t enough and people are misusing it despite the developer’s intentions.

An example is of students around the world, who, when the AI’s prowess and potential were first discovered, used ChatGPT for academic purposes. They used it for their benefit in tasks, assignments, and even on assessments. A lot of students in schools now use it to complete whatever assignment they receive. They hardly complete any work authentically, so nowadays, people have a difficult time knowing if any essay, article, or piece of writing they come across is created by a human. Thus, AI is being shunned and frowned upon.

However, the use of ChatGPT and other AI is fine as long as it’s not misused. Using AI like ChatGPT as a powerful tool instead of a crutch can improve one’s work and skills when the user asks for advice, corrections, etc., and does not just outright make AI do the work for them.

There will be a point where the people who depend on AI for their work will be found out and will face consequences. They risk not being able to find jobs and positions that suit them because all the work that got them to that point was not done by them. However, with the help of AI, anyone can improve their understanding and knowledge of things, and advance a skill set. These are the things that will help in life, not the AI.

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