Rancho Santana Review

This is sixth grader Maria Pia Tercero’s first Eye of the Tiger article. In elementary school, Maria Pia published monthly class newsletters. We welcome her to our team!

Are you looking for a place to have a relaxing and fun vacation with your family?That has the scenery of a movie? Well I have the best place for you! Rancho Santana, a resort in Costa Esmeralda, Nicaragua.

This resort has 17 rooms and a main restaurant: La finca y El Mar. This restaurant offers family recipes made from fresh ingredients. There is also a cafe to enjoy a warm coffee and a traditional Nicaraguan breakfast.

The hotel provides several activities throughout the day like: Bikes & Burgers, pickleball, bird watching, and more. 

The main beach, Los Perros, is perfect for surfing and swimming. This beach also features La Taqueria restaurant where you can enjoy fresh tacos after a long surfing session. It  has a very complete menu from seafood tacos, to the fan favorite guacamole with chicharon on the side.

If you’re up for more exploring, Playa Rosada is another beach that features a family friendly pool house to spend the day relaxing in the pool and an amazing coast that is perfect for shell collecting. La Boquita restaurant provides pizza fresh from the oven, or if you’re more into the exotic side you can try the sushi made from the freshest catch of the day. If you prefer something lighter, they offer amazing charcuterie boards and you can watch the sunset while you enjoy one of their drinks.

Playa Duna is another beach close by. It is one of the five beaches where you can find amazing views of the coast and soak up stunning views of rock formations. But getting there is a bit of an adventure that requires step-climbing and hiking, but is well worth it.

So the next time you are planning a visit to the beach, I recommend Rancho Santana so you can have the ultimate fun and relaxing experience. Hope you have a great visit!

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