Glorious Raven

This beautiful, glorious raven; ascended from the sky, so gray  

on a doleful, chilled and sacred day. 

The glory of that raven, that violet, violaceous raven, made me forget why I was so weary, yet made me feel much more dreary. 

It made me remember what I have forgotten, made me snap out of my phase of distraught. I wanted to renew, if not relive these decisions of mine. It made me question, made me ponder. It will take how much longer? 

How much longer left for me to stay. 

Stay drowned in the deep abyss below . The abyss I created myself; my past, present, and future. All simply an undying variable to what is and what was: What is now my regret and what was once a eureka to the mind.

A flame lit up within me. Flame built of determination, flame built of care, thinking to myself that it would only be Fair. Fair if I were to make amends, no matter how much society was to condemn.

But, if I had to let it be; I’d kneel down on both knees and let the fuel, the flame within me, further make amends in this bust of pallas I have created myself out of the gloom I had once felt.

The raven, this raven. That thrilling , chilling raven. May it sink me into what seems as if a bottomless pit of self realization, of wisdom, of comprehension. And may I fill myself with confidence, motivation and freedom, enough to contrast my mistakes with amends as a vibrant firework splits, tears, rips through the dull night sky

Though my newly found determination will further lead to new creation. I will forever be plagued by what once was; by the bust of pallas, trails of chaos, and the abyss of destruction that has led me to where I stand today; waiting. Waiting to be pleased with my vindication,  and there I lie today. Waiting, just waiting.

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