Why Johnny Depp is Innocent

  (written April 28, 2022)

In recent weeks we have experienced a lot of controversy surrounding the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court trial. Multiple speculations and opinions are going around. Much of the evidencia and proof has been presented from both sides of the case but it seems as if more valuable information is in favor of Johnny Depp.

The trial is still going on as I write this and we still have no outcome, however, in my opinion the accusations against Johnny Depp from Amber Heard are false and he is innocent.

Heard is suing Depp for domestic abuse and other charges, On the other side, Depp is suing Heard for defamation. Heard claims that Depp has been abusive towards her throughout their relationship. And Depp claims Heard’s accusations are false and he backs it up with multiple pieces of evidence from eyewitness accounts to audios. Depp revealed audios in which Heard admits to hitting Depp and burning his skin with a cigarette. He also presented eyewitness claims that Heard was abusive to him and has hit hit him. Heard also admitted to defactaing on Depp’s side of the bed when they were together. Because of this information, Heard has been receiving hateful posts on social media, and also anger from Depp fans. It is speculated that is why she fired her lawyers and got together a new team.

It seems unlikely that Heard will come out on top of this case if the justice system is fair since my opinion is that there is ample evidence to show Heard’s guilt. Meanwhile, I join countless others in watching the case and waiting for an outcome.

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