Cleaning Contaminated Water

More than 80% of polluted water flows back into the ecosystem, these waters are filled with parasites and bacteria. This is a problem that needs to be solved, especially as it pollutes the water in rural and low-lying areas. This is a problem that most Latin American countries face every single day and many communities struggle to get clean water. These communities need support and a simple solution is: MicroBergy.

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What is MicroBergy?

It is a 2021 Global Design Challenge Finalist from the Biomimicry Institute. The finalists are an international group of 12 teams that created ideas inspired by nature’s intelligence aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). MicroBergy is a team from Taipei, Taiwan. They designed an economical, sustainable, self-powered water quality monitor that generates electrical signals from the pollutants in waste water. It runs 24 hours which monitors and reduces the illegal dumping of biohazard materials that affect the wildlife.  It’s a self powered, sustainable and economic water quality control system which makes it capable of monitoring where regular water control systems can’t. 

What does it consist of?

How does it funcion? 

  • Shark tail fin: Rotates side to side which moves the water from different directions. 
  •  Spiral sea snail: Create a vortex and increase wastewater exchange. 
  • The shape of a barnacle: Inclined side plane to reduce water flow force.
  • Large base to fix stably and rock appearance to camouflage in the ocean. 

Benefits of using MicroBergy?

Cheap and affordable, highly productive and functionable. MicroBergy is a great solution to help communities that suffer from contaminated water. It doesn’t need to be powered. It’s highly sustainable and non harmful to the environment.

Let’s hope that more innovators continue to find ways to improve our lives.

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