Girls Volleyball Team Makes Right Decision

The American Nicaraguan School participates in an event every year called AASCA, where American schools all over Central America go to a host country to compete for their sport. This year the AASCA Volleyball tournament was held in Costa Rica from March 30th to April 3rd, however, the ANS team decided not to participate.

The coaches of this team, Mr. Estrada and Mr. Brenes, had selected a team of 12 girls including Nicole Benavente, Allison Agudelo, Maren Emerton, Isabella Quintero, Thelma Lanuza, Natalia Lopez, Daniela Arguello, Estefania Roman, Alexandra Bolaños, Yirhim Kim, Nicole Guzman, and Juliana Osorio, to participate.

Even though the Girls Volleyball team has participated in every AASCA tournament with the exception of the ones canceled from Covid, this year was different for the team. This year’s tournament cost more than $800 per person. Although the opportunity of AASCA this year was available, the team made a decision not to go due to cost, team effort, and the level of the team. It was a team decision that has led them to start practicing harder for AASCA 2023, as well as for other games and tournaments coming up in the next few months. 

Overall, this team needed more time to achieve the level of competition in order to get closer to winning AASCA. After not having the full benefit of practicing sports due to Covid, there wasn’t enough time to bring the team back together and play as well as they will be able to play next year after they’ve trained.

Time is the most important thing for this team, and they are starting to work harder to become a stronger unit. Good luck to the Girls Volleyball team!

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