Will Sportsmates Become the New Miis?

After the announcement of Nintendo Switch Sports, fans have shown disappointment with the focus Nintendo is giving to Sportsmates instead of the nostalgic Miis. 

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Nintendo Switch Sports is the new title coming to the Nintendo Switch console on April 29, 2022. The game serves as a follow-up to the famous and beloved Nintendo Wii Sports from the Nintendo Wii console, bringing back the experience of simulating and playing different sports. As of now, seven different options have been revealed, including Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, Chambara, and Golf. It is more than obvious that this game has the intention of combining nostalgia with innovation, getting fans from the original games to play alongside new players.

However, right after the announcement of Nintendo Switch Sports, controversy among the fandom started developing. In the original title, the avatars of the game were the popular Miis. Even after much time has passed, these iconic characters are still loved by the players. Now, in this new game, developers are giving much more attention to Sportsmates, the new avatars of said title, which has created a lot of disappointment and anger among the fans.

One of the reasons behind this controversy has to do with Sportsmates being too generic and cartoon-like characters. Even though these new avatars are customizable, it is undeniable that Miis from Nintendo Wii Sports offered much more customization in terms of facial expressions, since it was possible to freely accommodate the eyes, mouth, and nose from these avatars. On the other hand, Sportsmates’ customization focuses more on hairstyle, clothing, and only certain facial elements such as the color of the eyes. 

The other reason is related to the nostalgia people have for Miis. The avatars made appearances in many other games, turning themselves into one of Nintendo’s most beloved group of characters. Even though it has been confirmed that players will have the opportunity to play with their own Miis, the non-playable characters will always be Sportsmates, overshadowing the spotlight of their predecessors. 

There are some people that are happy with the creation and inclusion of Sportsmates in Nintendo Switch Sports. However, the vast majority want Miis back. This negative reception towards the new avatars might put developers of the title on the tightrope. Therefore, as of now, the sole solution is to see how the game’s reputation goes once it comes out. Only time will tell if Sportsmates will be able to keep up with the Miis’ legacy. 

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