The Invasion of Ukraine

Russia initiates an unprovoked full scale invasion on Ukraine for Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical dreams to be accomplished. 

President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was moving into eastern Ukraine, they quickly took control over Chernobyl. Russian troops moved into Crimea which was a territory Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. Afterwards on February 25, 2022 Ukraine announced to the public that armed forces were engaged in the capital of Ukraine: Kyiv. 

Russia has positioned an estimated number of 190,000 Russian Troops across Ukraine. Kyiv was subject to multiple missile strikes which led many civilians to seek shelter in underground areas such as metros and underground parking lots. 

Russia ignored all the peace offers requested by the President of Ukraine, yet Russia insisted and moved forward, in the process violating the laws of war. Multiple war laws were violated during this invasion, one of them is a Russian tank running over a car with a civilian inside it, leaving the car absolutely smashed. 


Recently, president Vladimir Putin announced that nuclear weapons were on stand-by as a way to threaten and scare Ukraine. Ukraine citizens rushed to safety as alarms screamed across the nation to alert its citizens that Russian troops were advancing to their position. 


This is a saddening situation that Ukraine is facing as the Russian government strikes its neighbor. 

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