Flex Day

The American Nicaraguan School (ANS) has started a new initiative on Wednesdays for middle and high schoolers called “Flex Day”. This is a day where students get to try new classes based on their interests. Classes such as baking, eco workshop, Zumba, learning lab, and even CrossFit. There are also some mandatory classes like Global Journalism and Mindfulness. Flex Day runs through cycles of every four to five weeks.  When Flex Day restarts, everyone has the opportunity to choose new classes. This is a day made for adventuring, but relaxation and is enjoyed by the ANS community.

One of the many classes flex day offers is Zumba run by Mr. Chavarría. This class is liked by many students in middle and high school. The upbeat music and positive thoughts in the room make it a fun and energetic class. When interviewing students, more than half of the students said this was their favorite class and some students go more than once a day. 

“My favorite class during flex day is Zumba because I get to dance and be with my friends,” said Nicole Reyes, a 9th grader. Another 9th grader, Isabella Quintero, remarked, “My favorite class is Zumba because the dances are fun and the music is loud and energetic.”

ANS provides a safe and fun learning environment for all students and teachers. Some teachers have participated in this class during Flex Days because of how energetic it is! 

Another popular class offered in Cycle Two was learning lab run by Mr. Quinonez and Ms. Lopez. This is a time for students to catch up on any work or to have a free period to relax, read, sit outside, draw, etc. This is a very popular class because all students need a free period. 

At the end of each cycle, new classes open up and it’s “first come, first serve.” Each class has cap of students. For example, learning lab has around 20-30 kids in the class, however, more try to sign up for it. 

“I like learning lab because I get time to catch up on work and take a break if I need to,” said Monica Molina, a 9th grader. Furthermore, students are finding this time productive as they all get a lot done. Some students, however, believe this is a waste of time. “I don’t really like learning lab because I cannot focus and I get bored,” said a student. This class is always full throughout the day and some students use this time to mess around and not get work done. Some don’t have work to do or just get bored because they have to sit for a long time, however, this is a time to catch up or get ahead in any work or assignments. It is an amazing class flex day offers because students enjoy it.

Overall, after interviewing students, two of the highest choices were Zumba and learning lab.  Flex day is to let kids venture off to see what they like and Zumba had a higher rating than learning lab because they love the music and the dance style. Learning lab came in second because although it is a productive time, some students are not using this time wisely.

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