Romeo and Juliet Imagined Differently

This letter was sent to Juliet while she was in her bedroom right after the balcony scene were Romeo and her meet after the Capulet party and they decide they will get married the next morning by Friar Lawrence. 



To: Juliet 

Dear Juliet, 

Read this quickly because in exactly 3 minutes a servant will enter your room and burn this letter. I write to you on my behalf to express how eternally disappointed I am in your actions. Now I know this might start to frighten you because you think you and your partner are the only ones that know about your rendez-vous last night at the party with Romeo. However, I saw you loving your loathed enemy. I saw you with Romeo, how you looked at him romantically and how you passionately kissed. Yours is not true love, for true love does not exist at first sight. Love comes with time, all you did was find each other physically attractive. If it makes you feel better, your secret is safe with me, however I know what you are up to and I won’t let it happen. The reason for my decision you will not comprehend at the moment because you are all caught up in naive emotions. Despite this, you have the right to know. I tend to dream, moments that always come true. If something in my life has not failed me it has been the revelation of my dreams that can tell the future. Last night I saw your future as Romeo’s wife. Romeo will make an evil mistake that will exile him from this city and as you try to reunite with him you are both going to fall into unwanted death. As you read this letter you are thinking suicidal but know that this is no escape as your death would mean the death of many others.

Romeo will ask Friar Lawrance to marry you both tomorrow morning, however, if you are to arrive at the church I will send for Friar to be murdered and his death will be blamed on Romeo. The life of the Friar and future of Romeo is in your hands and what you wish to do with them is up to you. You might be thinking I am the most malicious person in the world but all I want is the best for you. You will never know from whom this letter is but know that it is from someone that cares about you. If you are to meet again with this young man he will ruin your life, your family’s life and that of his own. Don’t make this mistake because it will mean to live under disappointment for the rest of your life. Think about the choices you make Juliet because a single blink of an eye can change your life forever. 


Someone who cares

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