She’s the First ANS: More than Just One Girl

Original Publish Date: Date: October 11, 2021

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Helping just one girl achieve her dreams for an education may seem like a small amount of work with a small amount of change, but there is more to it than you may think.

“One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world,” is one of the strongest statements made by Malala Yousfzai. This is part of the mission of She’s the First (STF), an international organization that promotes girls’ education. At ANS we specifically concentrate on girls in Nicaragua. However, COVID-19 led to drastic changes to the organizations’ activities, pausing the visits to schools, which at the time was the organization’s main activity.

This year STF is helping one girl receive a STEM education at the International University of Engineering in Managua, Nicaragua. Her name is Reyna Maykelli. Having placed second in a competition to win a scholarship, STF decided she was the best candidate for the USD$2,000 scholarship that would be provided by STF.

Reyna shared that,“Because of COVID-19 mine and my families’ income has reduced drastically, and I am eternally grateful for what you are doing.” When asked what was the greatest part of having an education Reyna answered, “knowing that in the future I will be able to maintain my family, just like they have done until now.”

Today in the world there are 129 million girls who are not attending school. Because of She’s the First, Reyna Mayckelli does not have to quit her studies anymore, and she has found her place in this world as an engineer and a provider for her family who has worked so hard to keep her in school. 

She’s the First has conducted multiple fundraisers throughout the year by online selling Christmas and Valentine cookies, and hosting an Airpods Raffle along with many other prizes. In total STF has raised more than USD$500 and is still working to raise the rest. It has definitely not been easy for this club to collect its monthly quotas of USD$200 by fundraising.

In an interview with Mariana Lanuza, president of She’s the First she states that “for the month of October we will be working on collecting another $200 by donations.”

At the moment She’s the First is receiving donations. The ANS community is encouraged to take 5 minutes of their day to make a simple bank transfer. Help change the life of one girl, because she can change the world.

First scholarship delivery, Reyna to the left, founder of STF ANS (Veronica Lanuza graduated class of 2021) in the center and to the right current Vice-President (Thelma Lanuza).

Second scholarship delivery, current secretary to the left (Sebastian Zambrano) Reyna in the center, and president of STF ANS (Mariana Lanuza) to the right.

Third scholarship delivery, current member to the left (Álvaro Caldera) Reyna in the center, and vice-president of STF ANS (Thelma Lanuza) to the right.

With a click or two on your phone, transfer any amount of money to this organization to help girls in Nicaragua prosper in regards to education.
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