A Cup of Tea – Episode One

This story is just for fun that I would like to share with you. This is a story about assassins and how to become one. I will be trying to release a new episode every two or so weeks until it is finished so please tell me what you think and what you think will happen next.

Episode 1

“Tea is one of the Finer Things in life. Wouldn’t you say? It is a delicacy among most people. Only serve for special occasions. I saw you had Earl gray in the cabinet so I pulled it out and made a pot. Would you like some?” Conner says, never breaking tone or rhythm.

 “Who are you?” Elena asks, concerned.

“My name is Special Agent Smith. I’ve been sent by the agency to kill you but when I opened the file I saw it was my best friend from my childhood. So then I’m sitting there at my desk wondering if I should save my best friend or if I should save the world.  I sat there for a few hours just thinking about that and came to the decision that maybe it would be better to save the world. Then the question of how I would kill you: I could use poison, or stab you, or hang you and make it look like an accident so I don’t get caught. Maybe I do want to get caught so I don’t have to do this again to another one of my friends. Maybe this is the best part of my life and I could never do anything better.  So then it comes back to the original question: should I kill you or kill the world? Then I thought about coming here so I can get a better sense of who you are and look at pictures of your family. You got twins—very cute but, what would they do without a mother? Will they come for me to destroy me for ruining their lives? Would they be a bigger problem than you? I see you got married a few years back. He is a little bit younger than you are. I can see by his diploma he’s recently graduated from med school, probably in his residency—correct? Because it dates the year 2013. The same year that the children’s movie Frozen came out—which your twin girls seem to very much like, seeing that they’ve both dressed up as Elsa for Halloween two years in a row. Your grandmother died two years back; I can tell by the urn on the fireplace labeled Rose, which, if I remember correctly, was your favorite grandmother. And now I sit here knowing more about you. Should I kill you or let the world die? So I ask again: would you like a cup of tea?”

Elena grabs the tea and sits next to him

“Why do you need to kill me? I pose no threat to you or the world.”

“I don’t know the exact reason; they don’t tell us that much. They just tell us who and where and we always have to follow through.”

“If you don’t, what will happen?”

“They would first find you and finish the job I would not do. Then they would find me and punish me for incompetence, usually with death. So no matter what I do we will both lose. I apologize, Mrs. O’brien.”

“Conner, you are going to kill me; let’s use first names.”

They sit for a while trying to come up with another plan.
            “I got it! I will join the agency. I wouldn’t pose a threat to the world if I worked for the group holding it together. I can still be here with the kids so they would have no need to destroy you. It’s perfect!”

“I don’t think that is a good idea. Everyone there goes on missions so there is no, like, secretary or anything like that.”

“I don’t want to be a secretary; I want to go on missions.”

“But, uh, the training is really hard on the body and the mind.”

“Well, if you can do it, I sure can.”

“But you have to be invited to join by another agent.” Elena looks at Conner with a smug look.

“I’m waiting.”

“For what?”

“An invite. You said I have to be invited by another agent, so invite me.”

“Oh no, I only have two more invites left before I’m out and I was planning to save them.”

“Okay, well suck it up; you’re inviting me.”

“Well, before you get invited you have to do the pre-training and that process takes weeks.”

“I can wait.”

“Fine. I will send in my request tomorrow.”

“Why not today?”

“Because I have three more missions, then I get the rest of the day off, and I am not wasting that on a request.”


“I will be here tomorrow at four; be ready. ” Conner leaves her house. 

“Wait 4 A.M.? Conner! A.M.?!”

“Elena,” Conner whispers in her ear.

“Ahhh!” Elena punches Conner in the face.

“How did you get in here?!”

“I told you four. I waited for five minutes before coming in. Did your alarm not go off?”

“No it did, I just hit snooze.” Beep beep beep. Elena hits the button on the clock

“Well, get up.”

“Uhhhhhhh, can we at least stop for breakfast?”

“I bought protein bars.”

“Yeah, no, we are going to Starbucks.”

“Okay, sir, your black coffee and plain scone and triple iced americano three cream, three sugars, and two extra shots with a pink cake pop and chocolate croissant.  Will that be all for you today?”

Conner looks at Elena with a frustrated look.  Elena shrugs it off.

“You really needed the pink one. ”

“Yes, Yes I did. ”


“They taste the best. ”

“They are all the same. ”

“Just drink your dirt. ” And they drive away.

Soon they pull up to a big concrete building with no windows.  Conner rolls down his car window and shows his I. D.  to the guard.  The guard looks at Elena. 

“She’s with me,” Conner says in a calm unchained voice.

Connor pulls up to the parking lot next to the building

 “Get out,” Connor says to Elena.  They both step out of the car.  Connor stops and grabs a briefcase from the back.

“Go inside,” Conner tells Elena.  Elena steps into the building welcomed by a group of very unfriendly large men wearing uniforms.  She waits until Connor comes back.  Connor takes her arm and leads her to the front desk.  “I have a new member,” Connor says to the man sitting at the desk

 “Name,” the man says annoyed. 

“Elena O’Brien. ”
             “Just fill out this form Miss O’Brien and we’ll pull you to the back as soon as we can. ” The man slams a clipboard full of paper down on the desk and gives a fake smile.   Elena takes it and slumps into a seat.  Connor stays up by the desk to talk to the man.  Later Connor walks with his briefcase gone.

 “Pin this to your shirt,” he says handing Elena a black ribbon

“Why?” Elena asks. 

“Just do it.  stop asking so many questions and this will be over faster. ” Conner snaps back

“Fine” Elena says Mocking Connor speech

Elena puts it on.  Soon after she gets called into a dark hallway.  She walks with a large group of other people.  They travel down the hallway and lights flicker along the way.  Suddenly the group stops and they spread out looking down at the room below.  Elena peers down and when she sees it she knew she made a horrible mistake.

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