España No Pide Perdón

“Es un acto de humildad ofrecer perdón, es un acto que dignifica tanto al que lo ofrece como al que lo recibe,” delinea el Presidente de México Andrés Manuel López Obrador al reino de España al pedirle que este solemnemente se disculpe por las terribles acciones cometidas en la conquista. A finales del siglo XV, […]

When the Ocean Speaks

I am a fallen sky that has robbed the green of full grandness,I concealed a world of colorcovered by the mantles of my solid blankness.My breathless blue skin that robbed the air of lightness,hides the fantasy of an unlivable magic.I hold a mirror of deceiving beauty,despicable to the eyes that dream to know me.The sun […]

Creative Ending: The Mysterious Affair at Styles – Letter from Mr. Inglethorp 

If you have already read the “Mysterious Affair at Styles” by Agatha Christie, you’re in the right place. If not, SPOILER ALERT. With that in mind, we know how Agatha Christie’s book ends, with a great victorious speech given by the genius detective Hercule Poirot revealing all the answers to the murder. However, we don’t […]

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Healthcare

One of the most common assumptions of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is the disappearance of certain professions as AI may replace them. This worries many when analyzing the future of these transformative technological developments. This is because AI performs tasks that usually require human intelligence. It is foreseen that indeed, there will be a […]

True Darkness, True Light

In this poem I wanted to show that sometimes we are scared of the dark, but there is always some light everywhere. The only darkness that is purely fearful is the one inside us. A message that I find very important during this time.

Why We Need to Forget to Remember

For more than a century, scientists have been studying the art of memory, trying to findthe science behind the way we recall and store memories. However, this is only half of thetapestry of memory; while our brain is working to retain, it is also working to forget. Until approximately ten years ago, the act of […]

The Blindest of Men

The future his sight held strong, the most treasured gift that eyes to him bestowed, the contemplation of wonders and worries, the king of his thoughts, no other can carry. His past roamed his kingdom’s eyes, and just like future held high a crown. A past that sought him a story to mourn, even though […]