Andrew López, Tenor Saxophonist

Among the musicians leaving the ANS Concert Band this year is Andrew López, a Senior who’s been playing tenor saxophone for nearly five years. Being asked about his experiences, he looks back on his years of performing alongside his bandmates, and shares how his passion for music has developed. How did you start playing music […]

Valeria Alfaro, Clarinetist and Drummer

Over the past years, ANS’ music department has seen several changes. One ever-changing aspect is that every year, the make-up of the ANS Concert Band changes, with veteran students graduating and new ones taking their seats—but each musician leaves a permanent mark, and leaves with something permanently marked within them. One of the current musicians […]

新年快樂 (Happy New Year!)

On Tuesday, February 1st, ANS welcomed the Year of the Tiger with a high-spirited Chinese New Year celebration.  This long-standing tradition at ANS—after a prolonged break from school events due to the pandemic—had a strong return, uniting the school with a beautiful exhibition of Chinese culture.  The event was done safely, following social distancing regulations: […]

Fast Fashion & Social Media Are Changing Fashion Industry

The rise and fall of trendy items is nothing new, but the speed at which we discard trends has never been so fast. Have you ever bought a piece of clothing because it was trendy online and cheap only to find it ugly a week later? It seems harder than ever to be ahead of […]