2022 Lakers NBA Season

Despite the Lakers being the favorites coming into the 2022 NBA season, they went 33-49, leaving them unable to participate in the playoffs. Two seasons prior to this let down, the Lakers were announced as NBA champions, but have recently gone off course with productivity on the court. They dealt for former League MVP, Russell […]

War in Ukraine

Reflecting on the Cuban missile crisis, President John Kennedy once warned that nuclear powers “must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war. The showdown with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine does not yet mirror the one-minute-to-midnight brinkmanship that brought the Soviet Union […]

Climate Change Awareness

Climate change has been a topic discussed by many over the years, regardless, let’s take a dive into why this worldwide phenomenon is an issue. Since 1906, the global average surface temperature has increased by more than 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The impacts of rising temperatures aren’t waiting for the effects of global warming. The heat […]

Global Warming

What Causes Global Warming? Us humans are destroying our planet and have been for centuries which is causing global warming. The main causes for global warming are: greenhouse gases, earth’s positive feedback loop, deforestation, and industrial activity. Global warming is a very serious issue because producing greenhouse gases melts ice caps, increases temperatures and CO2 […]

The NBA & Vaccines

In October, NBA players such as Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins were unable to play in games due to not being vaccinated. This was happening even before the season started and during pre games.  Last season, fans were not allowed in arenas due to covid protocol and FDA restrictions. All 82 games of the NBA […]