Summer at the Beach

Summer will soon arrive
A day at the beach.
Will make us feel more alive
A place where there is time for each.

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Where there are many melodies you can listen,
as the yellow and orange rays of the sun glisten.
A day where you can stare at the view
as if a blue-ray painting were in front of you.

The wind whistles bringing memories from afar
The waves leave and then come back
The beach will always be my anchor to my loving country,
An emerald in my heart.

The emerald coast’s waves
splash onto the caves.
The birds chirp in many ways.
Nature awakens each of my senses,

The wind, the birds, the splashing waves
When the shells are dragged to the shore,
I feel as if I couldn’t have more.
Green and rocky mountains surround me,

and it is impossible to feel blue.
The pure waters of a beautiful transparent large serpent,
makes me forget everything that is urgent.
The fresh wind howls.

There is space for me to play,
every single day.
A volleyball court to the right,
And to the left, a pool that glows at night

At night I watch the sunset
This summer there are no regrets
The green waters of the emerald coast,
create a nice sunset with a passing boat.

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