Glory of My Raven

Glory of my raven is a poem inspired by a man known as “a man of a million words”, a poetic story writer. He is very poetic and enjoys to write beautiful and captivating poems in books and places them in a library he built long ago in what is left of the nation he once made. He, most importantly, created a fictional, and independent nation in minecraft, which he later ended up destroying by blowing it up into smithereens, because he claimed “the thing I built this nation for doesn’t exist anymore. It was never meant to be.”

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Glory Of My Raven

The glory of my raven

My beautiful, glorious raven whom cast upon the skies so gray, 

on the faithful, gloomy, doleful day. 

The glory of that raven, that very violaceous raven, whom made me forget why I was so weary. 

As I stared at its gradient wings, still very , very aware of what I pondered to say, or if I should forget and simply stay.

Stay drowned in the deep within. The deep I created myself, my soul, my heart, my life, by destroying everything I was ever proud for, and everything I was ever vowed for; a nation.

The burden of my actions, destroying my creation has made me a person with feelings of variation. These feelings and memories make me think of what I did with what I made,

and how I turned it from good to bad, from buildings to dust.

But it does not serve the purpose for just that, as it conjointly reminds me of  what I had, of whom I had and what I did to lose it both, to lose it all.

My raven, the raven. That thrilling , chilling raven. It’s not here, it’s now there, it’s now everywhere but here. Preventing me from recalling what once was there. 

A life, a heart, a soul once mine, that long ago I left behind.

It’s still there, dolefully, hoping someone would come back for it and go back with it, even after what it had done. Hopefully, just hopefully.

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